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Validation & Measurements

Using our state-of-the-art anechoic chambers, Pulsaart by AGC can provide highly accurate yet rapid antenna measurements, complete raw data, and detailed reporting. Based in Belgium, Pulsaart by AGC’s anechoic chambers, can accommodate large objects and take 2D and 3D measurements from 64MHz to 18GHz. Technical requirements are fulfilled for OTA, in line with today’s fast-paced environment and customers’ needs.

Our anechoic chamber meets the requirements of the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017. AGC Glass Europe SA¹ is accredited by BELAC under the certificate No. 728-TEST.

¹ Pulsaart by AGC is part of AGC Glass Europe SA.


XL anechoic

The frequency range of the chambers is from 64MHz to 18GHz and the very large shielded room (>15 meters) allows the measurement of objects of a wide range of sizes and weights (such as cars, satellites, drones, small buses, etc). The chamber mechanisms can support up to 3 tonnes.


Large shielded room:

>15 m

turn table icon

Turn table /
Quiet zone diameter: 
7.0 m

mass icon

Max mass:
3000 kg

Interested in a 360° virtual reality visit to our anechoic chambers?

XL Anechoic Chamber
car in an anechoic chamber

Our anechoic chamber is designed to perform Far Field measurement of broadcast / telematics antennas and systems using the 2D Dual-Pol Far Field system. The chamber configuration and software suite allow us to predict the antenna behavior on any ground type. 

The final result is close to Far Field behaviour. 

Using our powerful software suite, we can calculate and predict antenna behaviour on all ground types.

2D far-field measurements

frequency icon

Frequency range:

64 MHz - 6 GHz

2D Far-Field Measurements

3D near-field measurements

frequency icon

Frequency range:

64 MHz - 18 GHz

The anechoic chamber can also perform measurements using a multi-probe arch or 3D Gantry arm system. These techniques ensure fast, accurate results in all directions around the object. 

Mostly used for telematics and high end connectivity objects (drones, satellites, etc), this method provides a 3D measurement sphere around the object and for the complete object.

car in an anechoic chamber
3D Near-Field Measurements
ota measurements

Based on our strong expertise of classical antenna measurement, Pulsaart by AGC is today offering a new service to the market: OTA (Over The Air) : a complete, rapid and standardized validation methodology in a controlled environment replacing conventional drive tests. 

The main advantage is that all parameters are controlled and artificially reproduced according to a series of standardized scenarios (urban environment, rural environment, different region specific frequencies and power, etc.).

The technology is currently under development.

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drive tests

OTA (Over the Air)

Technology of the future

OTA (Over the Air)
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