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Discover Connected Glass Roof

Leave fins to sharks

All Modern Antennas

under One Roof 


Complete 4x4 MIMO Distributed Antenna System for optimal vehicle connectivity.


UWB Antenna System for both 360° Smart and Secure Access Control and In-cabin Presence Detection.


Seamless entertainment through indoor WiFi hotspot and OTA Maintenance thanks to 360° outdoor coverage.


Dual Front/Back antenna system for high gain 360° coverage. Can be passive with roof-mounted ECU.


Best location for optimal GNSS, SDARS, and LEO Satellite connectivity.

Sleek Design,

Efficient Performance

Connected Glass Roof brings all connectivity elements required by modern vehicles, and exhibits several advantages:


  • Best Aesthetics: Flat exterior design, wide panoramic view

  • High Performance: Large enough to distribute antennas, high above ground without car body obstruction

  • Easy Integration: Plug & Play assembly with all antennas on a single vehicle part

  • Energy Efficiency: Keeps needed warmth inside during winter and excessive heat outside in summer


Being high above ground, with unobstructed view all around the car, the roof is the ideal location for many antenna systems, providing optimal 360° outdoor coverage.

Thanks to its large surface, antennas can be distributed, therefore reducing undesirable coupling and increasing antenna system diversity.

By resorting to double coatings, the glass roof keeps thermal comfort inside the vehicle. A Low-E coating on the inner face keeps warmth inside during winter, while an IR-reflective coating keeps heat outside in summer.

Compatibility between conductive coatings and antennas is ensured locally by our WAVETHRU™ technology as well as other similar smart decoating techniques.

Being locally transparent to both light and electromagnetic waves, the connected roof antennas can support both outdoor and indoor use cases.

With an unobstructed view towards the sky, the Connected Glass Roof is also ideal to bear antennas dedicated to Satellite Connectivity.

Fully Connected

Energy Efficient

High Performance

Plug & Play


Connected Glass Roof at CES 2024.jpg

Connected Glass Roof's presentation at CES 2024

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