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a car in the AGC anechoic chamber

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Antenna Architecture

Accurate numerical simulations and reliable analyses can help optimize vehicle antenna architecture, evaluate costs and possible scenarios, and reduce the probabilities of incorrect antenna placement. 

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Antenna Design

Cutting-edge simulation tools and a unique fast-prototyping method, along with their exclusive anechoic chamber, utilized to provide fast and reliable measurements and transform antenna specifications into real designs, whether for new antennas or improvements to existing products.

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Antenna Integration

An essential part of the design, development, and deployment of wireless communication networks to ensure effective work, including rigorous testing and validation procedures, such as field testing, lab testing, or simulations, to evaluate the system's performance.

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Validation & Measurements

State-of-the-art anechoic chambers that can accommodate large objects and take 2D and 3D measurements from 64MHz to 18GHz, providing highly accurate measurements, complete raw data, and detailed reporting, allowing for rapid measurement of an electronic device's reception of electromagnetic waves, and enabling cutting-edge connectivity development and testing of complete connectivity systems.

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Antenna Products

From autonomous vehicles and drones to trains and two-wheelers, antenna products designed for mobility industry are designed using advanced simulation tools and undergo rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, making them essential components of modern mobility systems.

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Cost-effective revolutionary technology that allows mobile signals to easily pass through train windows, providing passengers uninterrupted access to their mobile devices throughout their entire trip, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction, improving the passenger experience, and increasing revenue for rail companies.

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