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Antenna Design

Whether it is for the complete design of new antennas or for the improvement of an existing product, Pulsaart by AGC engineers have state-of-the-art simulation tools to transform your specifications into a real design.

Combined with our exclusive anechoic chamber, we offer fast and reliable measurements. Our physical optimization is proven in this market thanks to our unique fast-prototyping methods with highly reliable performances.

antenna measurement process

Advanced simulations: Pulsaart by AGC digital simulations on entire car models reinvent the antenna design process.

Shorter development: more accurate than conventional simulations, they enable optimized solutions at an early development stage and require a shorter physical prototyping phase. As a consequence, Pulsaart by AGC expertise helps to reduce associated costs and development time.

Fast prototyping: with advanced fast prototyping techniques, Pulsaart by AGC creates handmade samples with electromagnetic behaviour close to serial production units. Combined with our quick and reliable measurements in the anechoic chamber, we can guarantee the performance of the final customer product based on prototype measurements - We get it right first time!

Radio Antenna Design

Radio Antenna Design

Design stage

Early development stage

Pre-series stage

Serial stage

Antenna design

by simulation iteration


Antenna improvement

by measurement iteration /

EMC analysis


Glass antenna
fast prototyping


Serial vehicle with antenna

car in pulsaart by agc garage

Our strengths

Our Radio Antenna design

  • Brings together multiple high-performance antennas with superior aesthetics in a reduce space (AM, FM, DAB, RKE, DTV*)

  • Shortens the development schedule by up to one year compared with traditional development

  • Integrates with all other on-glass technologies (coating, heating, HUD**, etc...)

  • Is compatible with production tolerances

  • Strongly reduces the amplifier's diversity compared with classical conception

Our experienced engineers using leading equipment produce the best on-glass antennas on the market

*Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Digital Audio Broadcasting, Remote Keyless Entry, Digital Television
**Head Up Dis

Advanced simulations: at Pulsaart by AGC, we use advanced simulations to design telematics antenna solutions. We address compact antenna solutions, evaluate coupling and diversity, predict the effect of material on propagation, and other key parameters. We provide a functional solution for the connected object up to a full car at 6GHz.

Fast measurements: we can prototype our solutions using a range of technologies and suppliers. We validate our simulations with fast and accurate measurements in our anechoic chambers, right up to the complete connected object.

Drive test: at the final development stage, we perform validation tests according to norms as well as drive tests and results analyses. Our solutions are validated in real conditions.

car with agc logo

Telematics Antenna Design

Telematics Antenna Design

Digital optimization

Physical optimization

Serial readiness

Vehicle CAD


Initial antenna design


Assess the impact of a vehicle's body

Design and location optimization



Measurement in
an anechoic chamber


Design ready for serial production


On-vehicle optimization

connected city

Our strengths

Pulsaart by AGC develops telematics antennas to connect you wirelessly
( WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G/LTE cellular, and V2X*)

  • Design and supply of telematics antenna on glass, on foil or as modules

  • High performance, almost invisible solutions

  • Integration and validation on the final connected object

  • Ideal positioning and superior aesthetics of on-glass antennas compared to sharkfin style aerials

  • Improved diversity performance through the antennas' spread

  • Optimal integration of antenna modules thanks to our advanced glass knowledge

*Vehicle to Everything

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