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Pulsaart by AGC

Revolutionizing Train Connectivity: Pulsaart by AGC's WAVETHRU Retrofit to Debut at Railtex 2023

Pulsaart by AGC is all set to participate in Railtex 2023, the UK's premier trade exhibition for the railway industry, to showcase its latest technology - WAVETHRU Retrofit. This unique technology enables telecommunication signals to pass through the train's glazing, which was previously blocked, ensuring seamless connectivity for passengers throughout their train journey.

The WAVETHRU Retrofit is a game-changer in the railway industry, as it eliminates the need for the installation of expensive and bulky signal-boosting equipment on trains. The technology does not alter any of the glass characteristics and is invisible to passengers. It provides passengers with uninterrupted connectivity, enabling them to work, stream, or browse the internet seamlessly throughout their entire train journey.

Pulsaart by AGC is a leading provider of innovative technological solutions for the mobility businesses, and WAVETHRU Retrofit is a testament to the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance passenger experience. By taking part in Railtex 2023, the company will have the opportunity to showcase the many benefits of the WAVETHRU Retrofit technology and demonstrate how it can transform the passenger experience on trains.

Photo: Railtex press team

About the event

Railtex will gather the UK’s railway industry from 9 - 11 May 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham. Renewed public interest in rail travel and the need for more digitalised and greener solutions are driving the attention of many key players towards more innovative and sustainable mobility. The upcoming Railtex edition is an unmissable opportunity for railway professionals to discover the latest innovations and technologies in person, learn more about topics that move the industry from decarbonisation to digitalisation and meet business partners and new suppliers from around the world.

For more than 25 years, Railtex has been the UK's showcase event for the rail industry and it continues to reunite all stakeholders of the rail sector and its key players, including rail operators, infrastructure authorities, vehicle builders, suppliers, rail transport policymakers and planners. Despite the challenging times the industry has been facing over the past two years, Railtex confirms to be a trusted industry event, playing a crucial role in companies’ recovery strategies in the aftermath of the pandemic. Railtex attracts high-profile visitors with decision-making power, from management, engineering, planning and technical design backgrounds looking for innovative solutions for all areas of the railway supply chain. Its visitors come from all key industry sectors, including main line passenger and rail freight operators, rail regulation and safety bodies, infrastructure contracting and maintenance, national, regional and local government transport agencies, and many more.

Info: Railtex 2023 organizers


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