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Rémi Sarkis: "Transforming Connectivity in Cities with a New 5G Densification Solution"

In an era where technology is advancing, 5G emerges as a game-changer, redefining connectivity and innovation. At the heart of this revolution stands Pulsaart by AGC, not merely as a participant but as a vanguard shaping the future of telecommunications. In this exclusive interview with the company's Business Development Manager, Rémi Sarkis, we uncover the insights and ambitions of Pulsaart by AGC, delving into the intricacies of 5G technology and charting a path towards a connected, efficient, and innovative future.

Pulsaart by AGC Business Development Manager Rémi Sarkis

To kick things off, could you explain the advancements in 5G and the challenges they bring?

Absolutely. 5G is a significant step forward, primarily in using higher frequencies for increased throughput and low latency applications. This advancement requires more antennas for effective coverage and higher capacity , representing a significant shift from 4G technologies. The challenge for the industry, particularly for Mobile Network Operators, or MNOs, is the substantial investment needed for this expensive small cells densification rollout.

Expanding on that, Pulsaart by AGC has cultivated deep-rooted expertise in connectivity solutions, initially honing our focus within the mobility industries. This focus was met with success, laying the groundwork for our expansion. Today, we're extending this expertise to the urban landscape in partnership with Wave by AGC, leveraging our combined knowledge to address the unique challenges of urban connectivity.

With urban spaces becoming increasingly digital, how is Pulsaart by AGC contributing to this transformation?

At the heart of Pulsaart's mission is the drive to seamlessly integrate technology into urban landscapes, enhancing connectivity without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. Our latest initiative, RentMyWindow, exemplifies this commitment. By leveraging the façades of buildings for 5G antenna installations, we're not only addressing the technical challenge of urban 5G densification but also reimagining the role of architectural spaces in digital connectivity.

That sounds like a game-changer for urban development. Can you delve into how RentMyWindow works?

Certainly. Traditional 5G deployment often stumbles over obstacles like lengthy permit processes and the visual pollution of outdoor equipment. RentMyWindow introduces a novel solution by offering building façades as platforms for antenna installation, streamlining the deployment process. This initiative is underpinned by AGC Group's legacy in glass innovation and our expertise in connectivity solutions, ensuring a blend of technical excellence and practical utility.

RentMyWindow digital platform for 5G densification in urban areas

What makes RentMyWindow uniquely suited to tackle these challenges?

Our approach is versatile. Firstly, the platform simplifies the traditionally complex process of small cell deployment, offering a faster, more cost-effective route to enhanced connectivity. Secondly, by partnering with Wave by AGC, we utilize WAVEANTENNA, which allows for indoor-installed antennas that serve outdoor areas. This solution not only mitigates legal and logistical hurdles but also preserves the city's aesthetic appeal with nearly invisible installations.

With such a focus on aesthetics and efficiency, what impact do you see RentMyWindow having on urban design and connectivity?

RentMyWindow is ready to redefine urban connectivity landscapes. By minimizing the visual impact of 5G infrastructure and leveraging strategic locations, we enhance coverage and capacity where needed most. This project paves the way for cities that are smarter and more connected and maintain their cultural and architectural integrity. It's about creating a harmonious balance between technology and the urban environment.

How can communities and stakeholders get involved with RentMyWindow?

Engagement from communities and stakeholders is crucial for the success of RentMyWindow. We encourage city planners, property owners, and telecom operators to join our platform and contribute to this collective effort. Together, we can unlock the full potential of urban spaces, making them more liveable, efficient, and connected.

With public safety being a concern, how does Pulsaart by AGC ensure the safety of these installations?

Safety is paramount. In Belgium, we adhere to some of the strictest 5G radiation standards globally. However, this antenna product is designed to comply with these rigorous standards, ensuring safety for both the public and the environment, and has EMITECH certification.

Sustainability is also an important topic. How do Pulsaart by AGC and WAVE by AGC align the 5G technologies with environmental sustainability?

Absolutely, sustainability is at the forefront of our design philosophy. Our 5G solutions aim to minimize energy consumption and reduce the environmental footprint. For instance, our WAVEANTENNA technology is designed to be energy-efficient and integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures, reducing the need for additional construction and its associated environmental impact.

As we wrap up, could you share your vision for what lies ahead for Pulsaart by AGC and the world of 5G?

Our mission is evident as we move forward with 5G. We are dedicated to creating advanced solutions that are not only innovative but also environmentally friendly. We aim to exceed your expectations with every step we take. Pulsaart by AGC is your partner in building a future that is connected, sustainable, and full of possibilities for everyone.



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