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Aerospacelab Teams Up with Pulsaart by AGC for Next-Level Satellite Testing

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Aerospacelab tests sattelites in Pulsaart by AGC anechoic chamber

Aerospacelab has successfully conducted a series of critical satellite measurements in Pulsaart by AGC’s state-of-the-art anechoic chambers. The exercise involved assessing the antenna radiation patterns of several antennas on the satellite, utilizing two different anechoic chambers to test various frequencies.

Aerospacelab is well-known for its commitment to improving satellite technology. The company understands how vital clear and reliable satellite communication is. For this reason, they ensure their satellite antennas work as effectively as possible, providing strong and clear signals.

Aerospacelab used the advanced anechoic chambers at Pulsaart by AGC to verify the antennas' correct operation. These chambers are designed to block out all other signals, providing an interference-free space for accurate testing. This helps engineers carefully check and measure the performance of the satellite antennas.

The Aerospacelab team conducted detailed tests on different antennas and frequencies in Pulsaart's anechoic chambers. Using two anechoic chambers allowed them to thoroughly check the satellite antennas' design and ensure they would operate smoothly in space.

The collaboration between Aerospacelab and Pulsaart by AGC is a significant advancement in satellite technology and testing. Both companies are making significant contributions: Aerospacelab brings its knowledge of satellite technology to the project, while Pulsaart by AGC offers the perfect space for testing. Together, they are helping to make satellite communication even more reliable in the future, setting a positive example for the rest of the industry.


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